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Xia-Xia the colourful play hermit crab toy

Xia Xia Hermit Crabs UK

Welcome to Xia Xia - home of the adorable crustaceans that every child will want. The eye catching coloured designs for this brand new range is expected to be one of the hottest toys this year.

Xia-Xia, actually pronounced as 'Shah Shah', is made by Cepia who were the company behind Go Go Hamsters, a massive hit in 2009 with their hamster pet lines and habitats. Already Xia-Xia are scuttling off of the shelves 20% faster than its predecessor. In the US, desperate parents are forking out double the price tag online because local store shelves have emptied.

Xia Xia playful crabs from a far away land that come with detachable shells that can be easily mixed and matched. They can scamper across the floor or any playing surface with lifelike movement activated by pressing the Xia-Xia crab claw. There is included in the shell a separate mini-crab friend which is able to hitch on the back of its mollusc mate. Their shells are their quirky outfits, polished and brightly coloured, that adds to the fun of their Samba dance to their favourite song. You can come and join the party in the land of Xia-Xia where it's carnival all year round.

There are four fantastic crabs to collect:

xia xia bimini

Bimini has a pink polka dotted and stripped shell and loves to show off her dance moves in different shell fashions. She's the cutest crab with adorable eyes.

xia xia trinidad

Trinidad has a dazzling bright orange complexion and an orange and yellow swirled shell. He loves to dance and join in with all of the Xia Xia fun.

xia xia turks

Turks is a petite crab who is pretty and has a bubbly personality. Her red and pink shell is beautifully decorated with bows and she's one of the favourables out of the collection.

Xia Xia tobago

Tobago has a charming blue appearance and has irresistible chubby cheeks. His shell is stripped with blue and black and is a real eye catcher.

xia xia copacabana playsetxia xia copacabana playset open

There's plenty of Xia Xia play-sets that such as villages and cottages that will be available shortly that adds more magic to this wonderful toy set. Please see our shop for more products.

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